Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'd Gloat More If My Internet Worked

The second I saw the hat, I wanted to run to the computer and exclaim how thrilled I am that the Mets are at least on part of the same page as me. Well, I can still boast how right I was, but it's gonna be a little toned down on the blogger iPhone app. I can't even link to the "idea for the alternate blue uniform" I had a few months ago (that's your cue to search for the link.)

It's not like the Mets listened to me, because they put that hat idea in to MLB last March. They just got it. When they tried out the blue jerseys these last two seasons, you could tell there was two much blue going on. The alternate cap with the orange rim and the white-trimmed interlocking NY makes perfect sense when there is so much blue going on. So, the powers that be thought the same as me aesthetically about the blue uniform hat.

Now, I like the blue Mets home uniform. I do. I just think there is so much Mets script across the chest going on in the other uniforms that the blue home alternate should go in a different direction. That's why in the "Idea" post I propose the white-trimmed interlocking NY be put on the left chest instead of the Mets script, keeping the orange piping down the front as well. It would not only be a different than anything they currently have, but different than any uniform they've ever had. I hope they look into this for 2014, or in other words, for this March.

The road blue alternate is perfect. I have no suggestions regarding that one. (If you haven't seen it, please check it out in the Mets shop or in google image searches.)

Anyway, this is where I would normally insert a song. And that photo should be up top.


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