Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hittin' the Road from Upstate as our "Team is Broke."

I'm sorry, but isn't this the same news we found out when the Wilpons found out that $700 million they thought they had they actually didn't? Why is this breaking news? Because the idea they can't get a deal done with their two most popular players (one who became one in 6 less years than the other) is hanging in the balance.

This "news" hits as I help ready my dad to transfer his life to Denver, where my sis lives. He has just been approved for disability retirement, and Veterans Disability Retirement. For at least till next summer, my dad will help out with his grandkids, enjoying life in a nice town they call the Mile High City as we pay him back for his service to us and his country. To get there, we opt to drive. First, we will take a journey down the east coast and in, to Alabaster, AL, to visit the youngest of the three sis's on my dad's side. She has a newborn boy, not mention two other nephews (yeah, yeah. I'm Uncle Sam.) FROM THERE, we will drive to Denver in either 24 hours, or 12 and 12. Will be quite the adventure.

Meanwhile, here at the upstate house, my Wifi is not working. I am typing this for the first time on my new iPhone, on the Blogger App. I'm pretty sure the Courier New Screenplay-type font I want is not being used. I'm pretty Effin' pissed off (this is what our Twitter brethren would call #FirstWorldProblems.)

Anyway, as I venture out into the Wild American Yonder (with working wifi) I have a screenplay to write, a couple screenplays to revise, and some Mets stuff to write about, including the 2nd part of my April Denver trip. It is only fitting that the 2nd chapter of the Mile High journey get posted as I hit the road for that Colorado town. (Because of my no wifi I cannot link Mile High Mr. Met Pt. 1 to you. If you have not read it, it can be found in the links to your right. If you have read it, read it again, please.)

I also implore help from you all. I mentioned this on Twitter some days ago, but I now mention it to the Met fans who read these posts. I would like to interview Met fans this offseason and into next year on their Fandom on camera. Every aspect of it. I appreciate those who retweeted this request (I know them as @Sharklady2, @petemc1969, and @jimbojoker38) and those who have already agreed to the request (like Greg Prince and all his NY Baseball Giant buddies.) Anyone who would like to help me explore the human sports psyche via your Met fandom, please contact me, and let your friends know as well. I will do my best to reach out to many of you, but please, reach out to me first.

That's it for tonight. Thanks for tunin' in. (Aw, man. I can't put the song I wanted to put in the post from the Pandora that is playing on my iPhone as I type this on my iPhone. #FirstWorldProblems suck.)

(If this IS the font I want, I apologize to the makers of this app. Otherwise, get to work.)



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