Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Tragedy of It All and The Random Song of the Day

Jason Bay looked fantastic in that New York Mets Uniform. Maybe it's because that New York Mets Uniform is one of the best in baseball, but there have certainly been other Mets that the uniform didn't exactly fit. It never felt that way with Jason Bay. It always felt like it fit, and I don't mean to say that ineptitude found ineptitude. There was never any doggin' it when it came to Jason Bay, and it just seemed that fate lead him to be the last archetype of how the Omar Minaya Free Agent Signing Model failed. Everything seemed to be working against him, and he not only never got off the ground, he may have "put up" the worst numbers ever for a big free agent signing.

He was certainly, however, an easy player to root for.

The "never doggin' it" excuse has become the cliche phrase to go to when it comes to defending Jason. While it is a results-oriented business and I'm happy they cut ties, we should still not overlook how admirable he held himself in his time with the Mets. Several forces came together to make for a severe lack of on-field results in his time here, but I fully appreciate his pride and hustle (it doesn't fully redeem his Mets career, but without it, the contract would have been that much more of an black hole.) Forget how we operate as fans. There is no one in the world that hated how much he failed more than Jason Bay. And he never, EVER, made it a problem for the clubhouse. Not sure if you can say that about every athlete, because there's probably the same mixture of good guys and bad guys in sports as there are in the regular human experience. Though, I do feel as if baseball players are more humble these days. I don't know why I feel that. Even though they make more money in baseball than ever before, I feel more egos are humbled these days by the fact they get paid handsomely to play the game they love. Maybe that's a lack of cynicism on my part, but I like living in that reality.

I thank Jason for his time with our New York Metropolitans. I wish we could have seen more smiles on his face and in turn more smiles on everybody's faces, but alas, 'twas not meant to be. Where ever he winds up for the league minimum (which he will do) I hope he can rejuvenate his career in any capacity. Thank you for freeing up the roster spot.

Anyway, on a Random Note, I just arrived upstate to my family's house and saw some baby deer grubbin' up the grass in the front yard. With the Nor'easter on its way (apparently having arrived in the city), it reminded me of this song from Bambi, which is the Random Song of the Day.

Stay dry everyone.


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  1. Dude, you always seem to say it best for all of us diehards. I too was a fan of Jason Bay, saw what he did for the Red Sox, and was very welcoming to his hopeful stat of 30+ HRs with loads of Ribbies to boot. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. But no one gave more defensively for his team than Jason Bay, concussions notwithstanding. Boo this man? I, for one, could never do it. There are so many other more deserving former Mets who I'll save the boos for.

    1. That always got on my nerves, especially because he would injure himself diving for a ball, and we would boo him? A lot of people couldn't see past the bad numbers and didn't fully realize that Jason Bay was the antithesis of other struggling players that we have had to let go. Jason Bay will get my Standing O if he returns, and I think it mean a hell of a lot to him if we Mets fans came together to show he the respect he deserves and to show him what we all had hoped we would be doing on multiple occasions after his contract was up.

  2. P.S. -- Good luck with the nor'easter. Must be so beautiful and serene up there. :)

    1. Thanks, it is. Though there is no sign yet of rain. I haven't looked at the radar yet. Plus, I'm still getting used to it being this dark this early.