Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'll Talk About the Mets Again Soon, You Guys.

It's not like there has been a bunch of Mets news to speak of lately, but still. The thing about baseball and the Mets is that they birth endless conversations. But lately, I've wanted to talk about the playoffs, Robert Moses, The Storm, Star Wars, Halloween, etc. Sometimes I bring it back to the Mets, sometimes I don't, but the most fluid theme of this blog is New York City, so even when the Mets aren't involved, The 5 Boroughs are.

As we get to the last 8 weeks of 2012, however, I will certainly review some of the happenings of the New York Metropolitans, and of course discuss any current events as they occur. 

So, I WILL get back to what brings us all here in the first place, you guys.

For now, I hope you are all safe and that you or anyone you know affected by the storm has a safe recovery.

Here's the Offseason Song of the Day.
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