Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bunkerin' Down with a Late Night Hurricane Track

That's the East Village.

That boggles my mind.

Up here, in Hell's Kitchen, where I've bunkered down with my family, I look out my window and see no flooding whatsoever. It just looks like it's raining hard with a lot of wind. I wonder if that is because 10th Ave and the mid-40's are already elevated naturally, unlike Lower-Manhattan, which is probably the flattest part of the Isle of Manahatta. I am a lucky one, and my best to all those out there that are affected by this storm. 'Cause that right there...THAT is gonna be a ton of recovery.

Please, everyone stay safe. Be close to the ones you love, and to the loved ones you cannot be close to, have them in your thoughts, and let them know you're thinkin' 'bout them.

I am happy to be with my family, but to the loved ones I cannot be with, I hope you weathered the storm. And if the storm weathered you, I hope your recovery is as smooth as can be. Love ya.

Here's to a full recovery in our Northeastern Land.

For now, bunker down with me and a Late Night Hurricane Track.


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