Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It seems as if we all understood Halloween would probably be a little muted this year. But I didn't think we would all FORGET about it. I am certainly in the group of the latter. Even before I knew about the storm sometime last week, I found myself shaving off an itchy few week beard, a sign I had completely forgotten about All Hallows Eve. I thought I had started an annual Facial Hair Halloween for myself the past 2 years, having gone as a dude with a mustache for my inaugural campaign*, and then as a Gentleman last year, as seen on your right. I kept the first one for some time into November of 2010, but I kept the Mutton Chop all of November 2011.

The second I started shaving, I suddenly realized this year's facial hair campaign would be halted before it began. Alas, I must have had some kind of intuition about this year, my subconscious figuring Halloween would be somewhat subdued. Normally, the NoHo area off the Halloween parade route of 6th Ave, south of Washingston Square Park, is like walking through a Gotham Imaginationland. Is there even gonna be a parade? 

I'm sure, throughout the city, an Imaginationland will take shape, even with everything going on. 

This is, indeed, New York.

Maybe I'll go get the Luigi hat and 'Stache I saw together at a Halloween Shop when I took my lil sis to get a costume. I don't know...I think Big Bad Baseball Gypsy is gonna fetch it for me on his way over. I told him to go to the Halloween Shop and find the costume that I want. I didn't tell him what costume, but told him he would know EXACTLY what costume I was talking about when he arrived. 

"Middle Aisle. You'll know."

Regardless, it won't be the same as the real thing. Can't even count it as the 2nd and a Half Annual Facial Hair Halloween. I had been thinkin' about goin' with the Tim Byrdak, not necessarily GOING as the Byrd, but using the Horseshoe as a base.

We'll see what I'm feelin' October 31, 2013.

(After an Orange and Blue Autumn settles over New York.)

Here's the Goulish Song of the Day.
*October 31, 2010: It's like I was WB Mason trapped in some crazy time portal. Some people asked me if I was Wally Backman 'cause I was wearing a Brooklyn Cyclones Shirt. Ironically, I wore that shirt today, sans 'stache.
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