Thursday, October 11, 2012

Waking Up With Coco and More James Brown

Well, this is baseball. That's why this is the greatest game of all, ya know. Looked like we were gonna get it, we didn't do it, we didn't quite get the 27 outs, that's part of the game. You're gonna get tested all the time in this game, and it's a good test. We're down to, basically, like the wild card situation was now: 1 game. Pretty simple. We played our hearts out, tonight we just didn't close it out."

--Jim Leyland, Post-Game Conference

Early morning, I tried real hard to make it through to the last out of the last ball game. After Raul didn't take a hanging slider in the 9th and a high fastball in the 12th, the remote landed on the A's Tigers game for the rest of the evening. I actually did an admiral job staying up until the 9th. I must have made it an out or 2 into the top frame, and then naturally dosed off the way a normal human on the eastern seaboard would do around 12:30 in the morning. At what appeared to be the stroke of 1, I woke up to see every member of the A's running out of their dugout towards Coco Crisp on the infield. I didn't see his game-winning hit live, just on every replay after. The frenzy must have woken me up. There was really no reason to doubt that the A's would have that game won by the time I woke up, but for some odd reason I really thought the Tigers would lock the series down during my slumber. 

What a day of baseball ahead of us. Got two Game 5's with Bay Series Implications, and a couple Game 4's involving two Beltway teams with their backs against the wall. Should be quite an awesome-but-would-be-awesomer-with-Orange-and-Blue day.

Here's More James Brown.


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