Friday, October 12, 2012

Farewell Former Foe and a Song for the Night

I'm sure I am already the umteenth person to start a post or article or what not like this, but once again Billy Beane will not win the last game of the year. It sucks, too, 'cause they were fun to rally behind. The Tigers were clearly the better team at the end, with Justin Verlander looking as if there was no way he was gonna let his team blow a 2-game lead (a pitcher picked just ahead of Philip Humber in the 2004 Draft, I might add....or...just did add...) I hope, one day, Billy Beane and his Oakland A's can get that ring, as long as it's not at the expense of the Mets, once again.

The two teams I have cared the most about in this postseason both took on the Mets in the Fall Classic. The one who beat them in 7 has left the party, being beaten by a team the Mets could have played in 2006. The one who the Mets beat in 5 has forced game 5 against a team the Mets lost to in 5 and share a city with. The Giants used to live here, and they fought their way from 2 down to win game 5 and go off to play for the National League Pennant with some former Mets on hand for the fun. They await the winner of a series between a team that the Mets beat in 5 six years before they beat the Mets in 7, and a team that beat the Mets a bunch of times this year to get to the point of playing in a game 5.

I don't know whether I'm trying to say that it all comes back to the Mets or that the playoffs are awesome. Either way, I wish we were playing a game 5.

Here's a Song for the Night.

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