Saturday, October 13, 2012

This is Normal.

It took the Washington Baseball Community 79 years to be yet another National League East team to suffer a devastating loss to the Cardinals in a Winner-Take-All game. They just don't stop. Same way we expect Eli Manning to pull out a victory in the 4th Quarter every week, we expect the Cardinals will do somethin' along this line. I was pulling for Washington, because it's cool for that area that lost baseball for so long, but also because I just want to see the Cardinals stop winning. Alas, Drew Storen couldn't locate his fastball and experience outweighed talent. In the overall narrative, it makes sense. This Washington team and town has just gotten back to truly, for most, unfamiliar territory. Might as well seethe over the Redbird before tasting the glory and the champagne.

Experience made most of the difference in today's games, with the Yankees outlasting the O's much the way they did in the regular season. Now, the possibility of a Bay Series is gone, The Mid-Atlantic Series is wiped off the map, and the Mets did their part long ago to put ideas of a Subway Series to bed. I will look for a Giants Tigers series, though I will still watch if the Cardinals make it back. I don't think it's their consistency that sickens me; it's that my team isn't that kind of consistent.

And so, the Nats are eliminated, much the same way the 91-61 New York Giants eliminated the 99-53 Washington Senators in Game 5 back in 1933. After the Giants won both their games at the Polo Grounds, the Senators won in Game 3 at Griffith Stadium with a complete-game shutout by Earl Whitehill. Game 4 came down to the 11th inning, and the Giants scored 1 to break a 1-1 tie and win it in the bottom half. They took the deciding game 5 in the top of the 10th, breaking a 3-3 tie with a Mel Ott Solo Shot. The Senators got 2 on in the bottom half with 2 out, but Joe Kuhel struck out.  Relatively soon thereafter (in the grand scheme of the universe), Washington Baseball Fans would seriously consider becoming Orioles fans.

And even the DC folk who stayed with the O's couldn't beat those Daaaamn Yankees.

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  1. I like the way you phrased that: "I just want to see the Cardinals stop winning." Not lose, just stop winning. It seems now other teams only win if the Cardinals choose to let them. Not so Friday night, unfortunately...

    1. I don't want it to be Cards Yanks (though Detroit is helping that out. But 2-0 lead means nothing, really. Having Verlander on the hill for 3 is HUGE, but I digress) I hope it's giants tigers, but I wouldn't bet on the Cards not making it. The last thing I want to see is the 2nd most world series victories against the most world series victories.