Tuesday, October 23, 2012


That was quite awesome.

The Giants are a cool franchise, besides the fact that their entire identity was born and raised in New York, which, in turn, helped birth and raise our New York Metsian Identity.

When the Cardinals beat the Nats, I said I just wanted them to stop winning. Well, they finally did. (I'm sorry for Carlos that he was there when they stopped... #BlameBeltran?...Just kidding, though it would have been slightly poignant if he had been the last out in an NLCS game 7 once more...AND for the team who got him out. Instead, he took a walk. AND THAT RAIN!!! Umps REALLY just wanted that last out to occur, but the Giants kept walking people with a 9-0 score!!! But I digress...) While the Giants took serious control of the series at home, scoring first and later putting up a crooked number in both games 6 and 7, I never let myself think that the Giants could do it...well, I thought they could, but, as my friend Ted said, "The Cardinals will suck until they just can't anymore." Well, he said something along those lines. "'Uh, guys, we have to stop sucking now. We have 1 strike left.'" Even when it was 9-0 in the 8th last night and my dad said to me, "So, they're goin' to the World Series," it still felt like, "Excuse me. THE CARDINALS will let you know when it's over." They've conditioned me to think that way. And thank God. That's baseball. I appreciate the Cardinals, even if they are a thorn in my side and a team I root against most of the time. That thorn in my side is the Mets and them playing some seriously entertaining baseball most of their encounters. The same can be said for when the team by the bay takes on the Orange and Blue.

When those games occur, of course they get on my nerves. And their fans can take over in your home park 'cause of the way they travel in groups. But when it's just the Giants doin' their thing, it is definitely thoroughly entertaining. They are certainly a team worth modelling as we build towards respectability.

It is only fitting that they make it to the Classic as a couple New York Baseball Giant events take place this week in New York City. First, there is gathering tonight up in The Bronx that Mr. Faith and Fear alerted me to, and then on Thursday The New York Giants Preservation Society meets at the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse with Special Guest Joshua Prager, author of The Echoing Green.

Though it did sting seeing Angel Pagan interviewed on field postgame, we put our Metsian bitterness aside and salute the San Francisco Baseball Giants...I mean the San Francisco Giants, since there are no San Francisco Football Giants. 

Best of luck against the Tigers in the World Series (though either one winning will be pretty cool...and I guess I'll lean towards the Tigers since the Giants won more recently, though that city has only one World Series since they moved out there....Eh, whatever. Lets Go Baseball.)

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh....leanin' towards a Random Song this early morning.


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