Sunday, September 23, 2012

You Know Why? 'Cause Ruben Tejada is THAT Good.

There Jose was. Pouting to Solano as they did their own type of walking off the field. Reyes' "replacement," if you will, had just made the same kind of contact he has been making all year. Only this time, it was on the brink of bravado. Hairston only needed to trot home as the ball headed for the left-center gapper. The kid we got playing shortstop is gonna be THAT kind of player.

Who out there truly cares that Jose Reyes is no longer a New York Met? I see nothing but awesome things in the future for both this fine young gentleman that is Ruben Tejada and The New York Mets.

We might have lost an awful lot this 2nd half (and a good amount of 2nd halves for that matter) but there are certainly winning players on this team, at least in the making. The evaluation continues. But a conclusion should be made that we ain't gettin' rid of THIS GUY.

A week and a half, folks. 4 games left at home. I'll take in 2 of those. Soak it all up. It'll be real gone real soon.


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