Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Voodoo Striketh Back

Well, that game didn't turn out exactly how we had hoped. Unlike the night before, The Big Bad Baseball Voodoo had affected the Metsian world once more.

After an hour of a 1-1 tie leading up to the 8:15 curtain, I went onstage and arrived back offstage to a 4-1 lead. I responded to an email from Greg Prince, saying,

"Its a lovely thing to leave a 1-1 tie to go on stage, then come back to a 4-1 lead. Keep it up, Mets."

The next time I updated At Bat, it was a 4-6 deficit.

"Well, I feel like a dunce."

With the score at 4-8 by the time we got back to the same bar from previous evenings, I wasn't about to ask for any College Football to be turned off. There was no "Top 10 Things We Love about Tim Tebow" on the NFL Channel I could put out of its misery. It was the At Bat or nothing.

Unfortunately, my phone is on its last legs and the At Bat was too much of a problem, so I put the device down and partook in some non-Metsian social interaction for a change.

Figuring the game was over, I later dropped in to the At Bat to see what the final result was.

"6-9. Great."

The most apathetic I've been all year.

Time for CY, though, to get us flyin' high.


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