Saturday, September 15, 2012

Miller Park: The Anti-Voodoo

On the night of the second performance of The Zeal, and with the 1 train delayed because of "a police investigation at Christopher Street," the commencement of the evening happened around 10 minutes after the game's beginning. The Mets already had runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out when I got to my At Bat plugged in underneath the stage, where there was a spot for me to follow what I could out of the way of everyone. With how the Mets have been scoring runs at home (or how they haven't been scoring runs) you'll take the RBI groundout by Ike. A greater bonus having The know...Abide.

That was basically the way the evening went for me. Whenever I checked in, they would score immediately thereafter. Completely the opposite of every update I got during the week's rehearsals. The next time I got a chance to check up on the game after The Duda drove in Wright, the first update said, "In Play, run(s)," with Murph up. I thought to myself, "Man, I hope Murph just blasted a 2-runner." Sure enough, he had. While I also saw the Brew Crew score their runs via the words on the page, The Duda Abided once more for my next update, with his solo blast plastered across the screen the second I picked up the phone again. That top of the 6th was lovely. Josh Thole driving in Torres, Ruben Tejada driving in Thole. I had forgotten what the number 7 looked like.

Maybe we needed to be actually performing the show instead of rehearsing for the Mets to actually score some runs.

Maybe I needed to not check the At Bat in front of the Big Bad Baseball Gypsy, which is what I didn't do when I saw him walking by.

Maybe Citi Field is in some weird 2nd half-killing Bermuda Triangle or something.

Oooooooooorrr maaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeee the Mets just played the game of baseball better than the Brew Crew yesterday evening.

Oh, superstition.

Around the 6th or 7th inning, we got to a bar.

"Hey, bar..... Is there anyone watching the Tennis Channel or 10 Things We Love About Tim Tebow on the NFL Network? I'd love to watch the Mets Game."

My eyes can't roll back any further.


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