Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There Goes the Zero in the Right Side of the Column

The Mets handed out $2.50 tickets to a number of people for Tuesday night's game, and when I saw this line-up they were sending up:
1) Ruben Tejada SS
2) Ronny Cedeno 3B
3) Daniel Murphy 2B
4) Jason Bay LF
5) Lucas Duda RF
6) Justin Turner 1B
7) Scott Hairston CF
8) Mike Nickeas C
9) Dillon Gee RHP

It didn't instill any confidence in me. My fears were realized when the Mets lost 2-6 at a cold, windy, relatively empty Citi Field. And of course, our depth issues were exposed when it was announced that our hottest hitter, David Wright, has a small fracture in his right pinky. HIS RIGHT PINKY!!!!!! GAAAAAAHH!!!!!!

I meant for this post to be longer than this because outside of Daniel Murphy having a completely opposite night to the one before, botching 3 double-plays and conspiring with Jason Bay to kill rallies, the evening was a fun one in the stands and I did have a story to tell. My lack of sleep, however, finally caught up to me and I had to pass out when we got home and sleep soundly for at least 6 1/2 hours. I will devote a full write-up about this trip to Citi Field on the Mets off-day come Thursday.

For now, get ready for Johan and Strasburg at the Citi this afternoon. Hopefully, Johan stays healthy and shows how awesome it is to have a stopper like himself.


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