Monday, September 17, 2012

A Perfect Sunday to Start the Transition

Today was the first time this year I yielded to football. I ventured out in my Jets hat with Howie and Jim in my ears via my Radio Shack Transistor Radio, journeying through the excellent-but-standard Giants win. Listening to Howie will always be entertaining, regardless of the score, but that football game was as entertaining as it gets. The Giants are a fun team to watch, and in football, me rooting for the Jets over the Giants in Super Bowl XLVIII doesn't mean the Giants aren't a real cool franchise. I mean, look at the way they've won the last few years. Eli Manning isn't just an elite quarterback, he's a Hall of Famer.

Yes, the Jets lost today to couple with The Wily Peralta Show their former landlords attended. But I think they actually will be a lot better than I or others expected. I honestly wasn't going to be surprised if they were a trainwreck, and they might very well still become one. But I actually think this season will be very interesting, no matter how circus-like the Jets can seem from far away. Maybe they'll finally get their crap together, after 43 years. They certainly didn't seem that way this off-season, but maybe Mike Tannenbaum is some crazy genius, lighting a fire without using any method, man-made or otherwise, to start it up.

We have 9 games left of Mets Baseball in our area code. Who cares what the state of the team is? I want to go to as many as time can possibly allow or afford. Baseball, folks. It's in the autumn of the year. Regardless of your angst towards this team, you all are certainly going to miss your 2012 New York Mets.

The Ill is on it's way.

The Knuckler's waiting for his prey.



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