Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Games Left for the Boys of Flushing

Before you know it, the final homestand is here.

10 games to duplicate their Citi Field 2nd half win total. That's where we are.

But you know what? I love baseball, I love the game in front of me, and I love the Orange and Blue.

These players have played as hard as they can, and it unfortunately didn't work out.

So goes the way it goes.

No matter what happens the next 90 or more innings, I will stand up and applaud these men, who certainly hate the losing more than we do. They have chosen to work as hard as they can to come as close to mastering the hard game of baseball for not only their own life-fullfilling enjoyment, but for ours as well. 

I look forward to drinking champagne one day, as they do too, but for now, I applaud their valiant efforts, sip a beer and watch the game go.

Thank you for a joining the annals of time, 2012 New York Mets.

You will be spoken of for years to come.



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