Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When Was the Last Time We Just STRAIGHT UP LOST?!

Seriously, every time we lose these days (which is more often than not), it's not because the pitcher just flat-out didn't have it and the offense couldn't put anything together. We keep making defensive miscues behind the hurler, or the hurler is the one making defensive miscues (alla Jon Niese.) All these games are winnable (like in the 7th inning with the bases loaded.) There's a difference between losing and beating ourselves, and we just keep beating ourselves, as we did against the Giants last night/early morning, 1-4.

Gotta get going, so let's go back to listing my points:

1. Can't get on Ruben too much, 'cause he's been awesome. But he gets the dunce of the night award, throwing away the double play ball that would have gotten us out of the 2nd with a 1-0 lead, and grounding into a double play later on in the game when we were still down by 1.

2. Matt Harvey continues to impress with his composure. He limited some serious damage all night long.

3. Why do runs count as earned when a fielder makes an error trying to turn a double play? Yeah, you got an out, but those runs wouldn't have scored if what was intended to be completed is not. Doesn't make any sense. Matt Harvey should have only 1 earned run to his young career.

4. Why is it that Lince struggles all year, but pitches well against us TWICE? I put it on us, not him pitching well, because I'm bitter like that today.


'Nother 10:10PMer. Gotta love the West Coast Swing.


(I know this song pick is cliché, but I couldn't help myself. It's awesome. And I was frustrated with yesterday's song pick. Yeah, Stormy Monday by the Allman Brothers Band is a great song, but after I posted it I thought it would have been better used after a Monday loss based on the lyrics. We really didn't have the Blues after a win like that, even though it was a hair-pulling game. Oh, well. Enough rambling. Tuesday's Gone.)

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