Thursday, August 2, 2012

Uh....HOW did we win that game?

         R  H  E
M E T S  2  9  1                 19 Baserunners  1-13 RISP  13 LOB

                                       3 men lost on the basepaths

Normally when you see lines like that, there is no way that team won. Especially with the Mets, you are flirting with disaster. Somehow, though, some way, this 2012 New York Mets team found a way to pull out a left-column number increase with a 2-1 win on Jerry Garcia Night. How'd they do it? The didn't blow it. Simple as that.

They pitched. They got outs. Jon Niese, after I scolded him for his last outing, completely delivered against an ever-increasingly good Giants offense. While their bottom few ain't too good, The 2012 San Francisco Giants' first few are some sick hitters, especially with the addition of That Pence Guy (though he might be the most awkward-looking good player I have ever seen.) That Mets bullpen; the pitchers that every single one of us quivered in fear when they entered the game with the offense having been so inept at important hitting-- damn. Did they get the job done. Jon Rauch has actually been real solid lately, and by lately I mean for 2 months or so now. Bobby Parnell...I'm not ready to give him full props. Yeah, solid job tonight, but he still got behind 2 of the 3 hitters. I need to see some real growth out of this pitcher. He HAS made strides this year, but it's time for Bobby to have a presence on that mound, with the kind of stuff he can have. C'Monnn, Bobby. GET MEAN!!!

Have you heard? About the Byrd?

Last night, you saw Ruben just get under one and hit it to the base of the wall. For a second, after he swung, I thought he had it. But replay showed he juuust missed it. Tonight, not so much. He got a HOOOOOOLD of that pitch. And what's even better...he kept hitting. Rockin' Ruben didn't alter his approach and got some solid hitting singles. He probably should have scored 4 times, but only got the one run off the homer. Man, he's good.

Looks like that was a perfectly timed David Wright off-day by Terry. During last night's game, I had wished we were seeing David in the lineup, but with how good Wright is at hitting Cain, Collins clearly knew what he was doing. Our 3rd baseman's average had been plummeting for a tiny bit, but Wright tonight put a little halt on that. Should finish somewhere between where he is and where he was.

Jason Bay. That is all.

Love a day game tomorrow. Let's return the favor by taking 3 out of 4 in their house.

What a loooooooooooooong strange trip it's been.


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