Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Next Step Eludes Jonathon Niese

“There are the nights where he really struggles where he just cannot make the pitch he needs to make. His curveball can be so dynamic and if he doesn’t get it over early, a lot of times he puts it aside because he’s afraid he’s going to miss with it."  

                                                                 --Terry Collins

Jon Niese missed a big opportunity last night, when the Mets lost 5-11. The team had gotten a huge lift the day before with Matt Harvey's dominant debut, and Niese, who has pitched well recently, needed to keep that good stretch going. Doing so, and helping to get the Mets on the right track, would have been a HUGE step in his relatively-young-but-borderline-veteran career. He failed. Not saying he won't eventually take that big step, he just didn't last night. (And it seems as if every time he's on a good pitching streak and we need him to take that step for the team, he fails.) He didn't just not have it pitching wise, he made a game-crushing error by not pocketing that dribbler in the awful 2nd inning, instead throwing it away and costing the Mets an extra 2 runs. He looked frightened on the mound, when he needed to take a page out of Harvey's book and keep it together. I admire him giving us length last night, though, but it wasn't enough.

Jason Bay. How exhausted does he look? How drained is his body language and facial expressions? It's just such a sad and sorry case.

Last night's game felt different than the other recent losses, though. While this one might still be part of this terrible stretch (the formula was certainly similar), the feeling on the telecast, however, was one of hope. They kept talking about Harvey and the other young guns we have on their way. We might have a second half like most recent Mets' second halves, but even during a loss like that, it still feels as though the franchise is, overall, heading in the right direction.

But seriously, you guys. Get back to winning.

Chris Young looks to add to our win total when he takes on Ian Kennedy at 8:10PM.


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