Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Some Clean, Crisp Baseball

Yesterday, Dillon Gee quieted down a resurgent Cubs offense in what was arguably his best start of the year. The Mets got two bombs from The 'Spin Master and The Ike Master (do we have a nickname for him yet? Is it Domination? I forget), and they carry a fine Ruben Tejada play to a 3-1 win over the Baby Bears.
We keep saying it but it is worth reiterating: he doesn't have ONE GREAT PITCH. He has 4 effective pitches. And yesterday, every single one was effective. Gee is a solid piece in any rotation and I appreciate watching him continue to grow in our rotation.
What impresses me most about Jordany is his smooth and easy timing. SNY's side-shot slow mo on his home run was a fantastic thing to watch, and I should have captured it with my camera and put it on You Tube. He has been very solid every opportunity he gets and clearly he will not be going back down if it continues.
While he isn't "dominating" yet, Ike Davis is making everything count. He might only get a hit a day, but look what it's getting us. Lead-off double against Papelbon, get us to within a run on a single Friday night, and yesterday's deciding 2-run bomb. He's clutch and he's doing it with a smile on his face. Keep it up, Ike.
The entire game was a metaphor for the catch Ruben made and the way he plays baseball: clean and crisp, nothing flashy, gets things done the right way. I was excited before the season to see what this kid can do, and I appreciate the Tejada Evolution continuing before my eyes. Let that South Beach Kid wear 4 colors while we let an adult take over at short in the Orange and Blue.
Props to Bobby P. for a job well done.
The Mets wrap up the 1st half of the season today as they send Jon Niese to the mound to take on Goateed Ginger Ryan Dempster. Gametime is 1:10PM. Wrap this half in an Orange and Blue Bow.

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