Sunday, July 8, 2012

SPLAT! Welcome to the Break.

So that's how the 1st half ends. Before I'm even on the Palisades Parkway heading upstate, Jon Niese gives up 4 runs on single after single. I couldn't believe how fast I heard "4-0 cubs". Apparently, he threw strikes, but he did not have early command of his cutter, and it cost him quick. This seems to be a pattern for Niese. When his command of the cutter is off early, and he keeps throwing it, bad things are going to happen. The Mets offense couldn't get a lick goin' with runners on base, and the 1st half ends with us 6 games over .500. A valiant effort, Mets, but I wanted more. You could have given a lot more. But hey, they are in a position to make a run. They will probably make some sort of move in the coming weeks, and I expect them to play even better in the second half. Terry has said it, players have said it. For everything they've accomplished, they have to play better baseball in the coming months. Period. And I know they will step up to the challenge.

I'll see you on the other side.


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