Saturday, May 12, 2012

Well...Another Comeback But We Got Greg Dobbed

The Mets once again rallied from being down early to take a lead into the 9th. Frank Francisco, however, could not hold it, giving up a game-losing single to our old Phillie Phoe Greg Dobbs, as the Mets lose a thriller, 5-6.

My eyes did not view this game but sporadically, as we were out to dinner with my mom and my little sister for an early Mother's Day affair. From the second Andres Torres' glove was just a tad to the right of Jose Reyes' line-drive in the 1st, the game had the feeling it might not fall our way. These Mets, however, continue to storm back day in and day out, and they almost pulled it off once more.

The game, in the low amount of viewing I did, had as close to a playoff atmosphere as you can get between the Mets and the Marlins in May (give props to the 30,000 fans that showed up. A lot more than we are used to seeing down there.) I was able to catch the 9th, and to me, the Giancarlo Stanton at-bat was clearly the key to that inning. Keep him off the bases and the Marlins would fail to gain the momentum they needed. Frank Francisco missed ever so slightly inside, however, and Stanton absolutely crushed a ground ball all the way to the left field wall. Man, that kid is strong.

I'll tell ya, though. I see the winning look in these Mets players' eyes. Even in a loss such as this, they continue to prove they will never back down. There is a different feel to this team than to recent Met teams that won early in the year but eventually fizzled out. Maybe it is the idea the franchise is slowly digging itself out of a deep ditch, but this Orange and Blue squad is giving me no reason to even ponder whether the fight it has will dissipate.

So, let's brush this off our shoulders and get 'em with the knuckla tamorrah.

The Mets take on the Marlins in game 2 of the 3-game set at 1:05PM. RA Dickey will take on Ricky Nolasco. Let's start a new winning streak.


(Sick catch, Johan.)

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