Saturday, July 15, 2017

In a London Metsian Groove

While the playoffs are most likely not happening, 'tis nice to check in from my first visit to London and see a laugher occur out of the All-Star break. 

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II
The Colorado Rockies are sitting rather comfortably in the 2nd Wild Card spot with a 6.5 game lead over their closest competition (we are 9.5 back of them) but have not been playing well of late after getting off to a ridiculously good start. They are an ever-annoying team (I guess that can be said about any team playing the Mets with some clearly at the top of the heap?) even when they have been on the lower end of the competitive spectrum. I am still not sold on that environment in Denver being conducive to a consistently good Major League caliber team, even though the ballpark is my favorite of the ones I have been to and the area around the ballpark a fun time as well. We'll see if they can one day prove me wrong.

Seeing Yoenis Cespedes look refreshed out of the break with a four-hit game and showing off his arm is a breath of fresh air, and hopefully this is the start of one of his ridonkulously great stretches. Keep those legs loose!!

Jacob deGrom is everyone's favorite pitcher on the Mets, right? I know the health of pitchers these days is a fluid situation, but this team should be aiming to build around Jacob, Thor and Matz.

Alright, I woke up here in London unable to get back to sleep after only 3 hours, and after getting a taste of the British version of McDonalds for breakfast (don't worry, I've been sampling plenty of the local goods that isn't their take on an American staple) I'm going to try to get back to the pillows. Looking to hopefully find the Sunday day game in a local pub if possible, so I'll let you all know how that goes.



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