Sunday, April 2, 2017

Metsian Folk, We Have Arrived

My head has been in so many different places that I knew it wouldn't dawn on me that Mets baseball is back until I watch the team take the field at Citi Field. 

The fact my head has been pulled from left to right may sound like a negative, but indeed, I have made it a goal of mine in 2017 to focus; I've just been focusing on multiple things. Whether it is working on my coming-of-age stoner biopic, or getting the 3rd draft of my Dodgers period piece in order, or helping to pump up the brand that is Two Boots Pizza, or working out more consistently, or getting back to consistent Rising Apple Mets podcasts, I have felt the need to be active in 2017 with many different things after reacting too passively at times in my adult life. Though I love baseball and can't wait for the first pitch, it still hasn't hit me that the game I hold so dear, and the team within that sport I hold the dearest, will take the field soon in Flushing, Queens, wearing the bright, beautiful colors of the Orange and Blue.

The Mets are something to behold, and a collective to look up to. Though times can be tough, though times can be rotten, you have to trudge through the sludge to taste the glory on the other side. A baseball season, even when your team wins more than they lose, is a metaphor for life squished into a daily period for 6-7 months. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose...sometimes it is a beautiful sadness, and sometimes it is achingly happy. Most of the time, the unexpected finds your path. Either way, it makes you feel alive.

The Mets and baseball make me feel alive and have taught me to take a breath and enjoy this experience I and all of us discover ever day of our lives. Unlike other years, where I've really had Spring Training to help me ease into it, this year, it's just going to smack me across the face in all it's wonderful green-grassed glamour.

Baseball and the Mets are back.
Bring it on.


(Speaking of Two Boots Pizza, there is also this...)

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