Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday First, But a Tuesday Guaranteed

No matter what we think about Saturday's ugly and league-shaking situation, that's done and over with, and guaranteed 2 games at Citi Field. I'll take that any day. Or two. And I'm guaranteed to be there working at Two Boots Center Field. With the Center Field big screen always in my view.

Regarding the slide, I'm done, I've been ranting and debating it for 2 days now, and it looks like for dramatic purposes, Chase Utley will be there tonight, introductions and all, to bask in the Mets fans' venom. Remember, this is someone who once told the Yankee Stadium All-Star crowd, "Boo? Fuck you," before the TV feed quickly cut away. He'll flip the finger right back.

So, it's go time, with none other than Matt Harvey on the mound, just the way he scripted it all those endless nights when he sat at his typewriter while he couldn't pitch, furiously banging at the keyboard till the sun came up and he woke up drooling on the greatest screenplay ever written. This is what he has wanted. This is what WE have wanted. And we get to do it to those dirty, good for nothin', low-down stinkin' bums who deserted these here parts those many years ago.

Well, that brought on a new era, a new world, a New Breed. And the newest of that new breed gets their first crack at letting the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club know their rooting in the stands.

Step right up. And...

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