Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back to the Present

I have a feeling, if I were to look hard enough, I'd have already found that headline out there about what the Mets have just done to the Cubbies. Not only did I not look hard enough, I didn't look at all. No need. 'Cause that's how I feel. Welcome to the present, baby.

Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
My favorite part about this is the camaraderie in the city, the landscape covered in a hue of Orange and Blue, and the focus on actual baseball.

Since mid-September, I have been working Two Boots Pizza in center field at Citi. Besides my initial few days coinciding with the worst home stretch of the year for the Mets, I noticed that there was generally a crowd on line throughout the entire game, or at least before the 7th. The Yankees series had the most people, and was basically split down the middle Yankees/Mets fans buying pizza. The Washington series had some folks on Sunday, the 1-0 90th win, since Saturday, the doubleheader, was just a miserable weather day, though there was a rather sizable contingent to witness the 2nd no-hitter thrown against the Mets in the year. Anyway, my point is, from a concessions standpoint, none of us, fans and Citi Field workers alike, knew what to expect when it came to playoff baseball at this place. 'Cause it hadn't existed yet.

And here's how you gauge what's most important in the playoffs.

We open around 5:30 for these 8 o clock starts, and from about 6:30 on, the pizza line doesn't stop flowing. Once the game starts, however, it completely dries up, and I loved it. Once the game started, everyone's focus was on the Mets playing baseball. Occasionally, they'd trickle in for more pizza and beer, but those moments were timed around breaks in the action. Because you can't miss the Mets baseball being played.

We're not talking about payroll, or whether a player is on the coach's badside, or whether they should pick up an option, or a confrontation at a press conference, or Ponzi, or Jason Bay and his contract (though I did watch a highlight reel of Jason as a Met on youtube recently...yes, there were enough moments to put that together...)

We're talking about the Mets playing World Series baseball this October.

4 more to go...

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