Saturday, May 2, 2015

No Worries. The Bat's Got it.

Hey, New York.

It's me. Matt Harvey.

Oh. Some of you haven't heard of me? Well don't worry. By June or so, you will have.

You see, my team, The New York Mets, had started looking listless. Though they played well without getting the winning runs in those last 2 Miami games, unfortunately, our first loss at home was suffered because of miscues up the middle.

Our team, well positioned after one month, exACTLY where I wanted us to be when I went on my quest to return from the darkness of the DL and lead our team towards the promised land, had not looked good over the last week of April, while the divisional opponents that were "predicted" to give us the most problems had started playing a much crisper brand of baseball.

One of those divisional opponents had beaten us SOUNDLY on Thursday night, and they had driven in a ridiculous amount of runs over the last 3 games. They were sending a man I very well know to be SICK at pitching a baseball, and that man was Max Scherzer.

How could I give up a run?

There was nowhere and no place that I could possibly give up a run to a team that had been raking the past 3 games. Why would I do that? There would be no logical sense to it.

So, our veteran of the team, Mr. Cuddyer, teed one the other way off Maxwell, and later on, Mr. Werth stumbled on what would have been a 2-0 sac fly.

But the shoes went every which way.

And I pumped my batfist into the air as we made it what would be a 4-0 win.

Because there would be no logical sense for us to go 15-9. Because things have changed around here.

You know why?

Because I'm BATMAN.



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