Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Everybody in the NL East Lost Last Night

The Mets last night had the baseball gods rain them with sunshine. On the night their stud pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, makes an admirable yet unfulfilled and unsupported Major League debut, where the offense sputtered along like an old car that's not really making it anymore, every team in the NL East was handed an L.

The Nationals, still only 2.5 games back, lost to the Diamondbacks 14-6.

The Braves, 5 games back, lost on a walk-off to Cincinnati 4-3.

The Marlins, 5.5 games back, had Giancarlo Stanton launch one literally out of Dodger Stadium...and then the Dodgers won 11-1.

And the Phillies, back 9.5 games, lost to Pitt 7-2.

...And the Yankees lost to Tampa 4-2...

So, even though the offense continues to be attrocious, the problems weren't magnified by everybody else creeping up.

And as I said, a stud pitcher made an admiral debut.

And now it's #HarveyDay.

On the Side of the Street That's Sunny.


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