Saturday, June 7, 2014

Meet Me in Saint Francis

I just arrived within the last hour to the city of San Francisco. My mother lives out here now, and just so happens to live a block, LITERALLY a block away from AT&T Park. So, when I came out here in February and saw the proximity, the pocket schedule came flying out and the index finger arrived on this weekend.

Let us forget the sweep at the hands of the Cubbies after having leads in almost every game. And let us forget last night's debacle which caused more vile to fly Terry Collins's way, with a majority of people on Twitter perplexed as to why Jon Niese was taken out before the 8th inning....anyway, I said we should forget it. I, at least, am going to try. Whether or not I agree with how the roster has shaped up or how the manager handles his job, I am a huge Mets fan about to watch two games live at a ballpark I have never been to that many people say is the best ballpark in the Majors (uh, not to mention how thrilled I am to visit my mom :D )

So, no matter where this ball team currently stands, excitement still towers over every other emotion.

If you missed the last Rising Apple Report, Mike Lecolant, Gary Mack and I got on the internet airwaves Thursday night at 10 with the Mets still playing the Cubbies, talking about the current team, 1977, and Don Zimmer. Before the game that doesn't start till 10pm (with the Rangers hopefully having already beaten the Kings to even the Stanley Cup Finals at a game apiece) take a listen to the 77th episode of the Rising Apple Report!

Have a great weekend, folks.

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