Friday, April 11, 2014

A Walk with WOR & the Post-Game Podcast

I do not mean to mislead anyone who read that title and is familiar with my occasional storytelling ways. I do not have an overly thorough story to tell about walking around Manhattan listening to Howie Rose and Josh Lewin on WOR during the Mets 6-4 series-sealing victory last night. That's basically all I did, enjoyed the scenery, enjoyed those voices and the baseball they described, and especially enjoyed the win.

I got home basically right as the last 7 pitches of the ballgame were beginning by Jose Valverde, and, as seen by that number of pitches, the inning didn't last too long. Right afterwards, I decided to spontaneously go on the air with Mike Lecolant of Rising Apple and talk about the Mets series win, as well as 1968 a bit (as it was our 68th episode, and there is no uniform number 68 in Mets history.)

We are settling in well to this new era of the Rising Apple Report and we went a solid hour and 10 last night, with Rising Apple site editor Danny Abriano joining us basically at midnight.

So, as the weekend creeps closer, enjoy the sounds this afternoon of the Rising Apple Report!


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