Monday, March 31, 2014

Pocket Schedule

If you're looking for examples that things are changing around the Mets, look no further than the advertising.

They don't seem to be trying too hard the way they seemed to in the past. Gone is, "The Magic is Back!" or "New Team, New Year, New Magic!" or "Catch the Excitement in Queens!" or all the one-liners that people would chuckle at and then make up a one-liner about how much the Mets suck. I haven't seen the Mets advertising so simplistic; with this advertisement to the right, as well as others where its just said "Mets (the logo) - Get your tickets now!"

With this "pocket schedule" (as I am calling it since in this day and age we can take a photo with our phone and refer to that schedule throughout the year) instead of a photo of Ruben Tejada and a one-liner, the Mets are just saying, "Here's the schedule. Head out to the ballpark when you can." Of course, the Mets play will heavily weigh on the attendance of even those who have considered themselves "die-hards" over the years, but it seems the Mets finally understand that flashy and forced advertising isn't what is going to get people out to the ballpark; it's winning. So, might as well not try too hard and just let people know that the Mets will be playing baseball soon. Once we are winning, people will look at the schedule and pick a date.

It's pretty surreal that there's a real baseball game today (and the rain's supposed to clear up, so we should be getting a game in.) The calendar hasn't even turned to April yet. 


But whatever. Never too early to begin. As stated on Rising Apple this morning, I am always pumped for baseball Metropolitan-style, so cue up the marching band and get that Star-Spangled Banner underway.

Part the skies, and clear up the rain. 
Mets baseball is back, time to sing again...


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