Thursday, November 7, 2013

Making You Click on the Metsian Link

Generally speaking, but especially in the offseason, it's all about getting you to click on as many things as possible here on this thing called the World Wide Web.

Certain headlines clearly generate more interest among the fan base, looking for distractions from the actual work they have to do during the 9-5 day. "Mets may consider...", "Mets could consider...", "Sources say..." are plenty of the headlines that will make you quickly click on what you clearly would rather be doing.

Well....this isn't one of them. 

I made you look. 

I have no information or report or source or any of that type of stuff. I am not surmising anything, I am not opining anything, I am literally filling the space with absolutely nothing hoping you will reading the nothing that this something is.

And with that, instead of a Random Song of the bout the Random "Nothing" of the Day?

It kinda has to do with the Mets, right?


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