Monday, November 18, 2013

Grievance Schmievance

Late last night, there was some bit of Metsian news when it was reported that Ruben Tejada may file a grievance against the team for gypping him one day of service time which would have extended his free agency by a year (2016 vs. 2017). 

For more on this matter, please head over to Rising Apple, which covers all you need to know about this story if you haven't yet brushed up on it this Monday Morning.

I have a lot to try to fit in today, so I'm not writing too many words regarding the matter. I don't necessarily take any side as that sarcastic headline would make you believe, I just have to not spend too much time on the Mets today (which, let's be honest, I'll probably end up doing when we find out later in the day that Bobby Bonilla and Dave Kingman are having a demon baby together...wait, what?)

Anyway, here's the Random Nothing of the Day.

(Oh, YEAH! One more thing: Official Baseball Historian John Thorn will be on the Bedford & Sullivan Podcast at 6:30PM ET to discuss the roots of baseball in Brooklyn. So, yeah, there's that as well. Tune in then!)


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