Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cano, Dontcha know?

When I woke up this morning, I readied myself to write a post titled, "Shoulders Shrug, but So Long, LaTroy," in response to the middle reliever Hawkins signing with the Colorado Rockies for $2.25 million to be their closer, something he wasn't going to be with the Mets next year.

Well, apparently, in the middle of the night, a couple hours after I had fallen asleep, a story broke via the NY Post that Robinson Cano's reps (which include Jay-Z) met with Jeff Wilpon, Sandy Alderson and John Ricco for dinner last night, at the behest of the reps.

Let the dreaming begin, eh?

After so much focus on Sandy Alderson stating that it is unlikely he would want to have two players with 9-figure salary (one which includes David Wright) the likelihood he would change his stance remains slim. HOWEVER, let's think about this for a second....Cano could be the player to conceivably change that stance. When asked about the whole $100 million player, the question was in reference to much more flawed players like Sin Shoo Choo. So, maybe, just maybe, this could happen....

Whoa. I'm buying into the modern-day Hot Stove hype machine. This has to be just fanning the Yankee flames, right? Jeff, Sandy and John took the meeting...they didn't HAVE to take the meeting....they too want the conversation to change, and from a public relations standpoint, this is good stuff for both sides....AHHHHH in the same paragraph where I gave myself crap for buying into the machine, I got back into BUYING INTO THE MACHINE!!!!

You know what we need? We need Nothing.


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