Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Was Anybody Up for That? Oh, Well. #HappyHarveyWheelerDay

It wasn't until this morning I found out the New York Mets followed up their own walk-off by giving up a walk-off to Freddie Freeman and the Braves, a real tough luck loss with Dillon Gee going for the complete-game shutout.

Baseball is certainly a give-and-take game. You win a game you're supposed to lose? Then you'll lose a game you're supposed to win. I haven't looked at too many details of how it all went down last night, but after a 3-hour rain delay and Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler pitching BOTH pitching today, we'll all get over it rather quickly.

Though the Mets do tend to have those devastating moments linger...

Whatever. Happy Harvey/Wheeler Day. What a doubleheader (this crazy weather has set up.)

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  1. Wheeler/Harvey Day...what a day!