Monday, June 17, 2013

Sometimes You Catch The Best Moments

I had thought of going yesterday, joining my cousin, my uncle and my aunt at the game for Father's Day, but I made the practical decision for my wallet and work that I had to stay home and get some stuff done for school.

I listened to a bit, but only 3 of 9 innings, where the other 6 were monitored by the Gameday.

By the time I checked in on the 9th, there were 2 on, a run had already scored (I hadn't yet been privy to Marlon Byrd's mammoth 2nd Decker to left that added us to the board), and there were no out. With Omar Quintanilla up and my iPhone attached to our television via Apple TV's AirPlay, MLB Gameday offered myself and others checking in a "Live LookIn." For a moment, I had SNY like millions of others.

Q got the bunt down, and I had an internal struggle regarding the strategy. "Why waste an out when the offense has been so bad and a strikeout artist on his way to the plate?" "But the offense has been struggling so much, you want that tying run as close to the plate as possible." Things along those lines went through my head.

Turns out none of that mattered, because Kirk Nieuwenhuis crushed the 2nd Carlos Marmol pitch into the Pepsi Porch.

My jaw flew open.

I couldn't believe what I saw.

Kirk, as he rounded 2nd, looked back at his gathering teammates with the most baller look on his face.

The Live LookIn ended itself before Kirk even got to 3rd.

It happened so fast, it felt like a dream.

I may be wrong, but I believe that is the 1st ever walk-off home run in Citi Field where the Mets were down more than 1 run. If my memory serves me correctly, the Mets had never hit a walk-off home run at Citi Field where they were behind at all, even by only a run.

Trivia to check up on at some point today.

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