Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Change of the Recent Pace

I'm pretty sure most of us who followed this game from the 1st pitch thought it was gonna be another one of those losses we've gotten used to (from the 2013 Mets....but go ahead and say "from the Mets.")

I was able to watch the early part of the game, including David Wright's off-a-tee shot, but had to transfer to the Josh and Eddie C. train basically right as the rally got going.


Got a little scary there later, and you know we all thought that the Mets were once again going to blow this one.

The bullpen, though, including a Bobby Parnell who finally got a little "mean" last night (he's a REALLY nice guy) and notwithstanding Scott Atchison's 2-run blip on the screen, did a great job after being a major concern in recent days (...alright, fine: ALL THE TIME.)

It's only one win, but if there was ever a game against the Marlins on May 1 that we needed, it was THAT one.

Now, onto ATL, and a much needed off-day.

I'll tell ya, though: as much as I appreciate his roll in this Metsian Era, I'm very much ready to move on from Terry Collins, who I don't believe is the long-term solution at the managing position, regardless of what you think of the roster. I will never root for a Mets loss, but in the back of my mind, I knew a sweep at the hands of the Marlins would get us closer to what I believe is the inevitable.

But maybe I just need to heed the words of the man whose song was on the radio right after I switched off the pitiful 2-1 loss last night...


(side note: I just decided to officially move Julian's Met of the Week series to Thursdays. So, check back in tomorrow for this week's card.

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