Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tail 'Spin

I was working the Rising Apple twitter feed for the majority of the game, when my internet went out just in time for the 9th inning. I had been watching the game, but my dad wanted to get his American Idol fix (.........................) in an upstate house with only one TV (he's renting his house out soon so we're up here getting it ready.) After the 6th inning, I started listening to Howie and Josh on gameday audio until the internet went out, 'cause for some reason Sprint just stopped working around here yesterday after being one of the better Sprint spots I've found. 

So, 3G gameday audio pickup was impossible.

Anyway, you could care less about my technological angst. I got to watch the Mets comeback in the 9th inning (with me ranting and raving to my dad about the sac bunt to get Mike Baxter over to 3rd after his double, but that's really a whole 'nother discussion for a whole 'nother post.)

With the internet still very, very flimsy, I hopped into the car and listened to the 660 feed that had very tolerable amounts of static. THAT was where I heard Josh Lewin's call on Jordany Valdespin's Grand Slam walkoff, the first Mets Grand Slam walkoff in 22 years, which...


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