Monday, April 29, 2013

Semi-full attention paid, but same results ensue

Yesterday, I was able to have one ear piece on my right side while moving some of my dad's furniture after only being able to follow the gameday on Friday and Saturday

That SOUNDS dangerous, yes, but the beauty of baseball on the radio is your attention can chime in at the appropriate times...

Ya know, like when John Buck drops the 3rd out of the 7th in foul territory...

Or a RIGHTY is brought in to face what's clearly going to be a pinch-hitting-on-a-day-off Ryan Howard, magnifying how pain-stakingly clear it is that Terry Collins' in-game managing is the main culprit of this weekend's debacle (along with general over-specialization that has swallowed up all of baseball.)

Normally, one would elaborate after making a claim that "IT'S ALL THAT GUY'S FAULT!" But I've gone over what my gut instinct about Terry Collins is right here, and on this Monday morning, after a weekend like that, rather than rehash some of the same words, please read what was written about our current manager BEFORE a weekend like that even occurred.

I like you, but this isn't going to work out.

Moving on....

I never root for a losing streak, but for Terry Collins detractors that are even more passionate about it than me, it's too bad the next stop is Marlins Park.

Although the Mets have ways of making that irrelevant...

"Hey there!

Did you just lose 3 out of 4 to the Pittsburgh Pirates at home?



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