Saturday, April 27, 2013

even LESS attention

My morning started with a Bar Mitzvah at 10 that took me up till 1:50. Subconsciously, I guess, I had completely forgotten about the game that began at 1, even after thinking about it around 12:15 or so. Maybe there was a part of my sports fandom that was all of a sudden more respectful during the luncheon (even though before the speeches I was stepping out for a phone call.)

It wasn't until, probably 2:30, that I put the gameday on at my aunt's surprise Birthday party at Friends of a Farmer, and after my dad had just texted me that it was 3-1, the score was INSTEAD 3-2. I announced to some family members who were curious what was going on.

But, uh....Eeeeeesh.

I guess it seems that, if we're caring about superstitions, I need to be following it via TV or Howie for the Mets to not completely lose their cool against Philadelphia in Citi Field.

The offense....has completely disappeared.

And Robert Carson today....

I haven't watched or read anything about today's game yet (and might never.)


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