Friday, March 8, 2013

This is AWESOME, right?

For all of you watching this World Baseball IS, right?

For those not watching or waiting for the USA to take off today...


That was an amazing game to watch live. You could tell early on how far Italy's pitching still has to go, but they held their own against a solid Mexican lineup.

Instead of watching how much the Dominican team dominated the Venezuelan team in a rain-delayed game, let's check out what made this game REALLY AWESOME.

Then came the Dutch Cuban game.
I'm kinda flipping out about this Netherlands team, you guys.

Dutch. Authentic Dutch.

The next game I did not stay up or wake up for the 5 AM start time, but it went 4 hours and 47 minutes. When I woke up around 8 it was in the 8th.

And we have a break till 5:30 this afternoon*, when Puerto Rico takes on Spain. It's the first time in the tournament for the Spanish, so I'm looking forward to gauging what kind of baseball they play over there.

It appears by the competitive balance of the tournament that baseball is developing more around the world. So, it'll be interesting to see where Spain currently stands.

USA and Mexico face each other tonight at 9 PM EST. Get geared up for that.

And the Mets are playing today, but that is not televised or on the radio.

(And did you say too much, George?)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day, everybody. 
Watch a lot of our sport later.


*correction: Canada and Italy at 2:00 PM today. We'll talk about them more tomorrow.

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  1. Sam, glad to connect via twitter. Great blog! Those are my kids running around the grass section in the first vid clip. You are right, I was not impressed with Italy's pitching until Grilli came in to close. I thought for sure he was going to walk A. Gonzales, but he went after him, then ended up hitting - charged everyone up! Great game.

    1. You as well,. Very cool that you were there. Thanks for reading!

      Grilli really scared me, but he made a great pitch to cantu and got exactly what we all wanted....Except for the Mexicans, of course.