Friday, March 8, 2013

A Mets Legacy Photo of the Shabbos - The Left Arm of God

For a recap of today's 3-2 loss in Lakeland, check out Rising Apple.

I was in the neighborhood of the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse this afternoon, and there were two Hasidim talking to Jay. One of them mentioned they "used" to be a Mets fan, but then clarified that he used to follow them a lot heavier than he does now. One of them then asked me if I would like to wear the Tefillin. Having not prayed in a while, for one, and having not worn the tefillin in a while, I obliged.

So, as a tribute to my fellow Jewish brethren, here is all of our favorite Southpaw.

For all of you staying in this evening, or for those going out to where there will be sports on, make sure you tune in for our favorite Knuckler, R.A. Dickey (a man who doesn't celebrate the Sabbath till Sunday) taking the mound for USA v Mexico at 9PM EST on MLB Network.

(Italia MERCY-RULED the Canadians?!)

Good Shabbos, everyone.


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