Monday, March 4, 2013

Reviewing Your Metsian Weekend

On Saturday, the Mets staged a nice lil Spring comeback, down 7-3 to lock up an 8-8 tie (nobody cared to play the 10th.) Highlights from this include Matt Harvey's sharp outing, Cowgill and Ruben at the top of the lineup, good showing by the bullpen, The Duda's center field bomb and Brian Bixler's game-tying 2-run jack. Bixler is a very interesting candidate for backup infielder and has certainly performed better than others in the running, such as Brandom Hicks. Though Omar Quintanilla is being very Omar Quintanilla-ish (he is a Mets Legend, after all.) Anyway, the details are always awesome to run through, so check out Matt Musico's recap over at Rising Apple.

Yesterday, the Mets did not have as good of a showing, as they gave up a 4-0 lead to lose to the Marlins 6-4. I had my first "Oh, great" superstitious moment of the year, if you will, for I tuned into the WFAN broadcast with a 4-2 lead only to pretty much instantly hear that lead go to the wayside. Still, it was very nice to hear the voices of Josh Lewin, Eddie C. (and even Duquette.) I like Lewin. I think he fits in nicely next to Howie. He doesn't feel like an outsider the way Wayne Hagan did to me and other fans, though I didn't mind him. Lewin has his own distinct voice and style, and it seems to match up well with the harmony that is Mets Broadcasting. Anyway, highlights include Gee's fine outing, John Buck's 3-run shot and Nieuwenhuis's knee injury,  the severity of which is unknown. Interesting tidbits about some prospects in this game as well, so once again check out Musico's recap over at Rising Apple.

David Wright took off for the World Baseball Classic, which got underway this weekend with some fun matchups over in Asia. I know its slightly a polarizing thing, but as far as I'm concerned the concept is great and that translates on the field. Though they couldn't win a game this weekend, I had a fun time watching and rooting for the Brazilian team, which is managed by Barry Larkin. I also am rooting big time for the Netherlands, who unfortunately, after taking down Korea in the first game, could not beat Chinese Tapei, who already have 2 wins under their belt early on. Their fans, who packed the stands for the latter game in Taiwan, certainly know how to root for their Home Team. I'm pumped for these contests, and can't wait for the USA team to get going.

Sidenote: Though they did not make it past the qualifying round, how awesome is the Israeli baseball cap?

Anyway, that's it from me for now. I wish all of you the best start to your week.

This is how I Randomly start mine.


(If you can, enjoy the game against the Braves at 1:10PM on SNY. And just because, here is the Photo of the Weekend. Damn.)

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