Thursday, March 7, 2013

My World Baseball Classic Clip of the Week

I've stated my support for this awesome tournament before. While it has its flaws, to me, the concept is fully delivered. Even more than watching the powerhouses Japan and Cuba and what not, I LOVE tuning in for a random matchup, like Australia and Nederland (as it says across their chests.) The Dutch have gone from a Cinderella squad in 2009 to a methodically prepared and talented ballclub who are very interesting to watch. Australia looked listless in their 4-1 loss to the Netherlands. Having watched that game and randomly a Australian Championship game thanks to MLB Network, it is clear their pitching needs to improve drastically, though their relative strength went completely quiet at the plate in their short time in this year's Classic.

When I began this post, I for some reason thought I could embed the clip I have picked for this week. But I can't. No worries, just click this link, and you will see Jonathan Schoop's bomb of a blast fly into the mostly empty Taiwanese stands.

Back here at Converted Mets Fan, there's a Random Song to fill your ears.


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