Friday, January 18, 2013

Remember this Great World Baseball Game?

With the rosters for the WBC announced, it brought back some memories of the young tournament, and got me pumped up for the upcoming edition. If you didn't watch the game the first time around, and/or never saw these clips, besides quite possibly being one of the best highlight videos ESPN has ever put together, it is also a perfect example of how awesome the World Baseball Classic can be. Every player on both the Puerto Rican team and the United States team played this game with championship intensity, including 3 All-Time Great Mets (4 if you include Nelson Figueroa.)

One could argue this is THE great Met highlight reel of 2009.

Yes, the timing of the WBC is rough, and some would argue they should save that intensity for their respective teams and cities.

But I don't think one can argue that it isn't good for the game to have this kind of talent level all pooled together to produce an all-time great baseball highlight such as this one.

This is good for the longevity of the game and its market on an international level.

Roll the Tape, Youtube.
(Look out for David Wright's Kickass Home Plate Slide)
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