Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bad Vibrations

What a Met Johan Santana was.

On Thursday, March 28, 2013, I entered a black box theatre to partake in witnessing a bunch of one-act plays The Shelter Theater Group worked on for about a year now. I had been invited by a new friend, so as the audience settled in and it got closer to the showtime of 7, I was more focused on acquainting myself with the surroundings than my phone vibrating profusely.

The plays got under way, and they were...interesting. Throughout the whole event, my phone was blowing up. Even in the small crowd, I wasn't going to be rude.

Out of nowhere, while whatever hoopla went on in my phone, a one-act play about a Red Sox rookie from Brooklyn on the Florida beaches with an attractive young lady in the year 1948 came our way. It was very refreshing, and funny that I would intercept this random Brooklyn-accented Neil Simonesqe slightly-baseball-themed one-act.

Close to 9, the one-acts were done. And as both of us waited for her friend who was in one of the plays (playing a horse rather amusingingly), I checked my phone for whatever was going on.


Staring me dead in the face was Johan Santana's left shoulder.

Twitter-lerts, text messages and emails.

Few of which were quotes from Ted.
Sorry about Johan 
At leadt You'll always have the one hitter  
I'm assuming you guys insured that contract. You'll probably get some money back 
It's a shame  
Reinjured the same shoulder injury that he got the major surgery on before 
The article on espn home page about it does a surprisingly thorough job at explaining the medical side of the problem.
I meant to leave that spelling mistake in there.

Yes. At leadt I'll have that.

And so, the last vestige of the Omar Minaya spending era has most likely floated off into the Mets Legacy archives. We all knew this was coming and that we were in the middle of the transition, we just didn't know a big symbol of it was going to end a season too early.

Because it is a season too early. Just as most of his last starts every year were a month too soon (except for 2008...) It is sad that one of the most athletic and baller pitchers to ever wear a New York City Major League Baseball uniform will most likely never pitch in that uniform again...

And may, sooner than later, be looking at his career in the rearview...

But knowing the man, he will give it all he has until his arm literally starts talking to him and says, "That's it, Johan."

Yes. His time with the Mets certainly went slightly unfulfilled. His Mets career, though awesome, will always be a "what if" tale.

But what DID happen was fantastic to watch.

The dramatic impact was ruined by the fact the pre-2012 videos could "not be embedded at this time."

But seriously, you guys. We paid for Johan to pitch as well as he did and as much as he did for the Twins. Unfortunately, we mostly got the former.

Saying we got the no-hitter and not much else is ridiculous, though.

I can't speak for every Met fan out there, but I had a blast watching Johan as much as we were able to watch him.

But now, we move on.

'Cause we have a Mets team to root for.

I am so pumped about tomorrow, you guys...
that I could dance like I'm on Soul Train.

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