Monday, February 4, 2013

That Was an Interestingly Weird Super Bowl.

I'm not going to go on much about that football game, other than to say that football game might have been the strangest thing we've ever seen.

During the power outage, tweeted, "Next years super bowl in a foot of snow 'at least the power didn't go out'.

...Unless it does...

Who is @belyeadm, you ask?

...I don't know, but he's on twitter, and it says he's a Redskins fan...

My Dad's side of the family are all Redskins fans...

Oh, and Beyoncé...well...BEYONCÉ...

(Who is going to be performing in the cold?!)

Anyway, congrats to the Ravens and their fans.

My condolences to the Niners and their fans.

Now, we can focus our attention on the things that are know...basebally.

(Random tidbit of the evening: This is LaTroy Hawkins' twitter profile pic.)

Here's the Random Song of the Night.

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