Friday, January 25, 2013

The First Ted's Quote of the Year

Hey!!! There was some actual news yesterday!!!

As we were learning of the Shaun Marcum signing and I was inspired to question the knowledge the rest of the NL East has on our Mets rotation, I decided to text my Phillie Friend Ted to tell him what I thought of the Michael Bourn rumors.

A warning to all of you: Some of the symbols that replace letters may be inappropriate for young readers...

Me: I think Michael Bourn seriously may become a Met. This is a move I endorsed weeks ago so I so hope they follow through even though its another lefty.
Ted: I don't really care
It'd be better for me if he didn't
But in general there is a lot of other shit that concerns me way more
Me: I can tell you as a friend you *$^@#ing asshole. I could give two &%$# when u send me phillies stuff
%$#& u haha
Ted: Honestly it's the braves and the Nats division.  We're both looking up
Me: I don't expect to win the division
Ted: So who cares if we're even with you or better there is no prize for 3rd
That's my logic
Me: I only care in the season starting. And enjoying 162 games.
Your logic allows for less fun no matter what happens
Ted: My standards are higher based on recent successful years.  Do we return to relevance or fall further from it.
That's the unfortunate story line of our upcoming season
Our team is in a tough year age wise
Me: (Nothing to do with standards. everything to do with loving baseball.) You could easily win the division, btw. But probably Nats. And u are one of wild cards. I fully believe in what I see on paper from ur team.
And u will probably do a better job bouncing back from nagging age injuries.
Ted: Hopefully.
Me: Ur the phillies. U finished 3rd and almost squeezed ur way back in, then in offseason made nice moves.
Ted: It's just the Nats are good and Young
Me: Yep. They prob take division.
But I'd bet on you in playoffs.
Ted: But the other teams made better ones
Me: Justin upton is sick
Ted: Yeah
Me: We could have packaged something. There's was bull
Ted: And I bet he makes inconsistent BJ much better
Not to mention heyward
Me: Yeah oh $%#& that's right!!!!!
The braves
They both make each other better. Including better lineup
Ted: And thats what I'm saying.  The braves are %&$#ing scary
Me: Both uptons protected better
Ted: So sign Bourn...I still think we're both kind of in trouble
Me: Creepin' and crawlin' like a sniper in the null...

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