Friday, January 25, 2013

I Got a Random Dirty Mind on this Snowy Friday Night

I'm watching the Top 10 Right Fielders and Left Fielders RIGHT NOW on MLB Network. And guess who are NOT on it...?

That might be a joke that entered the blogosphere or the Tweetosphere all at the same time, so I understand the unoriginality of it.

Seriously, though, you guys...We should stop joking about the outfield...

This post actually has nothing to do with baseball. This post has to do with Prince.

The Random Song of the Evening is certainly for primetime play.

Make sure your kids are tucked in tight before this one.

If they could even understand what Prince was saying, they...might have some questions....?

So, close their doors and let your ears take in the mind of one of the greatest.

And certainly one of the dirtiest.

Have a Funky Friday Night, folks.

Some form of baseball is almost here.

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