Saturday, December 1, 2012


It is beyond ridiculous that it has taken me this long to publicly say that about the David Wright Signing.

I am beyond static.

I am beyond thrilled.

The fact it has taken this long to not be so dysfunctional that you can't retain a Franchise Player is beyond something. But thank the fates it is somebody with as much class as David Allen Wright.

Now, it is time to sign Robert Allen Dickey.

I can't separate emotion from anything having to do with our Cy Young Award Winner unless Wil Myers is hitting the World-Series-Winning Home Run for the Mets. So, please- just...sign Our Knuckler.

If you want more words on the subjects of Wrightey and Dickey, I suggest you read Faith and Fear in Flushing's Greg Prince and Jason Fry.

I, after moving, have just gotten a chance to catch my breath.

So, soon there will be words and posts more frequently.

For now, I gotta write the outline to a screenplay.


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